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Run 2

Run 2 game is most popular game in the run games category. Your object is to help runner or skater to run correctly.Run, jump, use walls and ignore certain lows of physics. Also try to obtain yellow bonus cycle in every stage of the game. Choose your favorite character of Run 2 game and start playing immediately. Have a great fun with Run 2 game.

How to play the game: Use arrow keys to move left/right. | Press space-bar to jump.

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Run Games

With the explosion of application games, and casual gaming in general as a major subset of the gaming industry, a variety of genres have popped up that didn’t exist previously. One of those genres is the run game, or the running game. Simple to play and easy to understand, these games all come with different skins and different themes, but in the end they all have pretty much the same idea.

What Are Run Games?

The short answer is that a run game is a game where a player directs a running figure through an obstacle course as that character is chased by some kind of threat. It could be an astronaut running from aliens, a miner fleeing a collapse, or practically any other sort of situation. The theme is the same though; there is a character fleeing from some threat, and the player has to help the character by directing him or her around obstacles that would otherwise flatten or kill them, leaving them in the path of the thing that’s chasing it.

Some Run Game Examples

Perhaps one of the most famous run games out there at the moment is Temple Run. Designed by Imangi Studios, this game has had several versions released for the iPad, iPhone and other devices. Players take on the role of an adventurer who steals a cursed idol, and is chased by a horde of demon monkeys out of the temple. Players have to turn, jog, duck, slide and jump over obstacles to keep away from the horde, and while they’re going collect as many floating coins and points as possible to win the stage.

Other games such as Flood Runner and its sequels, Checkpoint, Cave Run, and other games all follow the same, basic themes of this endless running game genre. Whether it’s beating feet through a dark cave or sprinting at superhuman speed through a city to defuse bombs, a run game always comes down to the same quick reflexes and feeling for what’s happening when it comes time for a player to reach the last levels.


The controls of any run game are very simple. For games where players see a side-scrolling runner there’s usually little more than a jump button and a slide button; one to go over obstacles and one to go under them. For games where the camera follows along behind the runner there’s a left and a right movement, a turn movement, a jump and a slide. In some games these might be keys that have to be pushed, and in others it might take certain movements on the touch screen or mouse pad. It depends on the game.

Tips and Tricks

In running games there’s only one thing that players need to come out ahead; quick reflexes and a fast eye. For players that have a fast twitch reflex and who can mash the right button in the right direction, these games are essentially one, big quick time event that repeats over and over again.

About The Website

There’s no reason to spend a lot of money to play run games, especially since most of them are casual games at best. That’s why we have all the most popular run games available on our website and open to the public. After all, if a player wants to get his or her hands on something fun, fast and simple to pass the time with, why should they fork over a lot of cash to do it? Or any cash? All we ask is that players come, enjoy, and tell others about the experience they had.




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